Powerful Longevity Medicine for Everyone

Our mission is bold: extend human lifespan by decades and treat dozens of chronic diseases.

Nature has bestowed us with molecules that influence the aging process, which we boost with our AI platform to create powerful novel molecules targeting aging. 

Current treatments for longevity are not safe, lack necessary technology, or are just for the rich. We are creating the first therapies to reach the world’s 8 billion people.


Harnessing Nature & AI Technology for the Future of Aging Therapeutics

Introducing SenoSmart: Our platform uses 300,000 molecules, 949 gene mechanisms of action, 20 unique tissue types, and 15 meticulously chosen criteria predicting effectiveness, safety, metabolism, bioavailability, and clinical success.

With our platform, we have achieved >96% accuracy in identifying small molecules for our first target of aging: senescent cells. 

Our first novel molecule lead from the SenoSmart platform has been shown to safely and effectively clear senescent cells and reverse a marker of kidney aging and disease.

Meet Our Founders

Kyle Brewer, PhD


Lurong Pan, PhD


Meet Our Advisors

Sam Roosz, MBA

Chief Executive Officer, Crescendo Health

Matt Yousefzadeh, PhD

Discovered Natural Senolytics, Columbia University

Colin Maraganore

Co-Founder and Principal of Abeja Ventures